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Projects and Studies
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Troja slopes belong to the most magnificent parts of Prague. Historic landscape with original homesteads and traces of historic trails, place with amazing panoramic views of the city. Since Middle Ages southern-oriented slopes of Troja were used to grow vines. From imperial maps of 1840 it is clear, that growing of grapevine was ended during 19th century due to the epidemic of phylloxera. Most of the vineyards were turned into fruit orchards and pastures in the middle of the 20th century. The main goal of this project for a private client is to restore the vineyard where it existed in the past. Project includes vineyard house and a house with 4 apartments for the client's family.

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Each apartment has a terrace overlooking Prague. One could say that you have the whole Prague within easy reach when looking from terrace. The house is located right in the middle of the vineyard.

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Small, family owned urban winery is a recent phenomenon, including this project in Prague. Limited production of small batch wines that are fully grown, processed and bottled on site. Visitors can see the whole winemaking process while they are tasting very good wines from the tank and barrels. Or taste the wine on the rooftop terrace of the winery with stunning views of Prague and take a walk in the vineyard.